Each and every purchased square metre is a priceless contribution to fulfill the dreams of thousands of youngsters in Tartu area. We all wish that our kids grow up in a safe environment and with healthy lifestyles to develop themselves and fulfill their potential.

In the spirit of crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, every backer gets an prize according to their donation. In addition, every square metre bought acts as a lottery ticket.  After the campaign, you will have the chance to win prizes from Sportland or the main prize - a beach holiday for two from Tortuga Travel!


Every backer of our crowdfunding campaign is invited to Tartu next summer for an amazing football festival. It all ends with the coolest public viewing of EURO 2016 final in the whole of Europe. You also get a digital certificate of your square metre(s).

In addition to the festival ticket, here are the prizes according to your donation:

  • 10€: your name on the virtual pitch and on our website
  • 20€: your name in the Sepa Football Centre Hall of Fame + pins and stickers of the project (in Estonian, but hey, it’s super rare!)
  • 50€: Sepa Football Centre T-shirt + pins and stickers + your name in the Hall of Fame
  • 100€: your own named seat in the stands of Sepa + pins and stickers + your name in the Hall of Fame
  • 500€: an invitation to the exclusive dinner party before the grand opening + your name in the Hall of Fame
  • 1000€: your name forged in iron to Sepa Football Centre + invitation to the dinner party + your name in the Hall of Fame